Tuesday, 29 September 2020


Thermometer TMR6000

The TMR6000 is a microprocessor based, dual setpoint, programmable temperature process controller unit with two relay outputs, for the control of two different devices temperature based procedures. It is designed to use an external RTD (PT100/PT1000) temperature sensor.

Two programmable operating modes for each output are available, COOLING MODE and HEATING MODE. These operating modes are assigned properly to the relay outputs in order the unit to maintain the temperature in a desirable temperature range, or drive the external equipment of any temperature based application model.

The unit enables the user to configure each output setpoint separately. Each digital output is enabled or disabled according to the selected temperature setpoint and the operating mode specified.

Several parameters give the ability to customize the operation of the TMR6000 to your application. Most of the functions are programmable through parameters in many ways. Passwords for all functions and error indications are giving the unique feature of using the TMR6000 in a completely secure way. Please advise the documentation of TMR6000 to have access to all of its capabilities and operation.

TMR6000 can be used in numerous industrial or general purpose applications, such as liquid temperature control, fan control, overheating protection/alarm, industrial refrigerators, etc.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully programmable digital thermometer

  • External 3-wire RTD temperature sensor input. (PT100/PT1000)

  • Three operating modes, COOLING, HEATING, HEATING/COOLING

  • Two independent setpoints with selectable hysteresis value

  • Temperature range -50°C to +850°C

  • 1ºC / 0.5ºC / 0.1ºC indication steps (selective)

  • Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature indication

  • 4-button Navigation keypad for the device configuration

  • 4-digit bright red LED 7-segment display easily visible from distance

  • Output status LEDs give information about setpoint condition

  • IP64 waterproof front panel

  • 8-36VDC / 8-27VAC power supply, 0.6W

  • Potential free output relays

  • Protective functions (Error detection – 3 Level protection passwords)

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