Wednesday, 02 December 2020


Speedometer SMR6000

The SMR6000 is a user calibrated multi-meter device with a programmable indication value, based either in Volt or mA input, for industrial use. The philosophy behind its operation is that it can calculate and display any physical quantity like speed, pressure, temperature etc. that is directly proportional to an electric signal (mA or Volt) connected at the input of the device. Any common transducer which has an output signal within the SMR6000 measurement ranges (0-40V or 0-30mΑ), can be connected as input.

It is commonly used in dyeing applications, where a Volt or mA electric signal from the fabric reel motor driver has to be converted in standards of speed (e.g. meters/min). However, the device can actually convert and indicate any value within its display range, based on a linear value range of Volt or mA input.

Having a panel mounting enclosure, bright red LED display and connection terminal block at the rear of the device, it can be easily installed at the front panel of an electrical control system. The device calibration can be done with the buttons located at the back side of the device.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide power supply range 8-36VDC / 8-27VAC

  • Voltage measurement range 0 - 40V

  • Current measurement range 0 - 30mΑ

  • 3-digit bright red LED display (4 digits available upon request)

  • DIN 43700 enclosure, IP64 waterproof front panel

  • 000-999 / 0000-9999 display range depending on version

  • Indication of positive/negative values (upon request)

  • Selectable number of decimals

  • Auto-gain function

  • Easy installation

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