Tuesday, 29 September 2020


Seam Detector PC Software SD SERVICE TOOL

The Seam Detector Service Tool is a diagnostic PC software, which allows the configuration and monitoring of the Seam Detector Unit SDU6000. It is a service tool for OEM and authorized service engineers, which provides access to the unit’s operational parameters and real time graphics of the sensor readings. At the front of the SD Unit there is a 3,5mm Jack input for the communication with the Seam Detector Service Tool through the SD Service Cable.


The default operating parameters of the SD Unit are pre-installed by Gelec and their values have been selected after rigorous tests in laboratory and field applications. However on occasion, modifications may be necessary depending on each application.

The software gives the ability to the engineer to modify several operating parameters in order to meet the application requirements, or to customize the SD Unit operation in order to adapt in a demanding field environment.


When real time graphics are enabled, the sensor readings start ‘running’ as a waveform at the relative black frame. After observing this waveform for some fabric revolutions and magnet passages in different machine speeds, the user has a complete picture about the seam detection process.

The waveform represents the reading of the magnetic field at the SD Sensor installation area. Each time a magnet passes through the sensor detection area, a sinusoidal pulse is generated in the graphics frame.

The visualization of the sensor readings is an important advantage for accomplishing optimum seam detection during machine operation. The installer/engineer can easily monitor and track any factor (eg a motor near the sensor, a random cause at the customer facilities etc.) that interferes in sensor readings and affects the proper seam detection process.

The SD Sensor’s advanced detecting ability and the SD Unit’s Detect Smart Algorithm will lead the system to adapt in the environment conditions and distinguish true magnet passages from random noise. However, the installer can exploit the provided information and minimize the noise near the sensor, or select a better mounting position for it, in order to maintain the detection efficiency in the highest possible level.

Features & Benefits

  • Diagnostic PC software for SD Unit SDU6000

  • Complete service tool for OEM and authorized engineers

  • Provides access to the unit’s operational parameters

  • Real time graphics of the sensor readings

  • Helps manufacturer to improve equipment geometry

  • Allows remote access and customer support

  • Screenshot generation for further analysis

  • SD Service Cable (USB to 3,5mm Jack)

  • Two access levels (End-user & Service Engineer)

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