Tuesday, 29 September 2020


PTC Motor Protector TMP6500-A1

The TMP6500 is a thermistor motor protection tripping unit, which protects a motor or a transformer against thermal overload. It is designed to monitor the temperature of electric drives, transformer windings, bearings etc. in conjunction with PTC Thermistors that follow the DIN 44081-44082 standards (single or triple sensors).

TMP6500 is connected with the motor-embedded PTC thermistors and uses their abrupt resistance increase as a control signal for the tripping unit. When the nominal response temperature (TC) is exceeded, the sensor acts as a thermal switch and activates a relay output for any use (disengagement of the load's power supply, alarm activation etc). When an acceptable temperature level is restored, the sensor resistance decreases to the reset level and the module permits either automatic or manual reset.



Features & Benefits

  • 1 or 2 Motors control

  • Follows the DIN 44081-44082 standard

  • Up to three PTC Thermistor groups

  • Auto or Manual Reset selection available

  • Overheating simulation feature for proper behavior confirmation

  • Fault diagnostics through display of short-circuits and disconnections in the sensor circuit

  • Adjustment of the Control Temperature, after contacting the manufacturer

  • Logic Output for further analysis

  • Remote test/reset button installation availability

  • For mounting on DIN rail NS35 (acc. to EN60715)

  • Easy installation

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