Tuesday, 29 September 2020


Level Transducer LTR6000

The LTR6000 is a resistive chain level sensor, used for the measurement of liquid level in open or closed tanks. It operates on the principle of communicating vessels, where the level in the measuring column is continuously the same as the level in the application vessel.

The LTR6000 is mounted externally on the measuring column which contains a magnetic float, following the liquid level changes. Having an incorporated array of closely spaced magnetic switches, the LTR6000 senses the position of the magnet, providing a continuous, linear analog 4-20mA output signal which is proportional to the level of the liquid.

It is composed of a stainless steel square tube, which incorporates the sensor chain and an IP66 polycarbonate enclosure on top of it, containing the transmitter for the 4-20mA output signal with the necessary connection terminal block.

The standard version is designed for 1m maximum level height. However, in applications where measurement of different level height is needed, customization options are available.

Features & Benefits

  • Resistive chain level sensor for homogenous fluids

  • Built-in, 4-20mA three wire loop transmitter

  • High precision, continuous linear analog 4-20mA output

  • Span/Zero calibration with onboard trimmers

  • 7mm resolution - 142 steps/1m - 0,11 mA/step

  • Typical sensor sensitivity 12mT (120 Gauss) - North pole activated

  • Measurement unaffected by media variables (viscosity, dielectrics, pressure, pH etc.)

  • Proper for special conditions (foam, surface agitation, boiling, high empty/fill rates etc.)

  • Proper for most process/storage vessels with antimagnetic measuring column

  • IP66 electronics casing with cable gland, proper for harsh environment

  • Stainless steel square tube 12x12mm

  • Power supply: 18V-36 VDC

  • Error state output (>23mA) when magnetic float is out of sensing range (eg overfill)

  • Open loop error LED

  • Customization for different length available

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