Wednesday, 08 July 2020


Analogue Liquid Level Sensor ALLS6000

The ALLS6000 is a programmable electronic device used for liquid level control between a desirable region, in open tanks of height from 10 cm up to 500 cm, with analog sensor and digital output. Its operation is based on the measurement of the hydrostatic pressure of liquids. This device requires external air supply in order to function using this method.

The pressure that rises at the unit’s outlet is proportional to the hydrostatic pressure of the controlled liquid in the tank. An internal sensor measures this pressure and transforms it to voltage. Afterwards, several electronic circuits and a microcontroller process this signal and depending on user adjustments, a digital command is taken when the liquid in the tank reaches the selected Target level (TL). The outcome is the fluctuation of the level into a desirable working region (between the Target and the Differential Level).



Features & Benefits

  • Precise measurement and level control in open tanks.

  • Programmable selection of FILLING/DRAINING operating mode.

  • Level control in tanks with foam and variety of liquids (acidic, alkaline etc.)

  • Suitable for tanks where danger of explosion exists.

  • Control in open tanks without the danger of sensor damage from falling water.

  • Programmable selection of High, Low and Differential control levels.

  • On-board knob for the Target Level tuning. (External potentiometer optional)

  • Alternatively can be used as a low pressure switch.

  • DIN NS32/NS35 mounting.

  • Customized versions available.

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