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Sightglass LED Luminaire SL60

SL60 is a powerful and compact LED luminaire, for sightglasses to DIN28120 / 28121 / 11851 in safe areas. The optimum solution for the internal illumination of tanks, pipelines, silos, mixers and any closed vessel in industry that requires visual inspection during process stages.

The incorporated LED module with a 50o lens provides efficient and high intensity illumination with low power consumption and can be power supplied with either alternative or direct current (AC/DC). It is equipped with an overheating protective function through an internal temperature sensor, which leads in intensity decrement or even in deactivation of the luminaire. Incorrect polarity and overcurrent protections are also available. It is available either with, or without on-board time switch.

Manufactured from sandblasted stainless steel, it is designed to fit in any sightglass with the appropriate adapting flange and has a variety of mounting positions according your needs (position on the sight glass, cable gland direction, different or customized types of adapting flanges). It is dust and waterjet proof (IP65) and appropriate for high temperature applications, having a specific ‘heatsink’ design for better heat dissipation.


Sandblasted stainless steel (AISI 304) adapting flanges are the mounting component between the luminaire and the sightglass. Permanite sealing gaskets waterproof the luminaire housing and provide thermal insulation from the vessel’s temperature, giving the ability to use the luminaire in difficult industrial conditions. A countersunk hole allows proper light emission.

There are several types of adapting flanges available. You can find in the luminaire documentation the proper types for each sightglass standard and their detailed drawings. These adapting flanges can also be used at numerous applications and for different DIN standards (flow indicator sightglasses, rectangular or D-ended sight glasses etc.). Customized adapting flanges are also available upon request.

Features & Benefits

  • High intensity illumination with low power consumption

  • Appropriate for high temperature applications and IP65 protection

  • Customized solutions and material alternations according your needs

  • Independent of vessel’s internal pressure/vacuum

  • Numerous mounting options about the position on the sightglass and the cable gland direction

  • Compact design providing the maximum space for visual inspection

  • Overheating protection with internal temperature sensor

  • Incorrect polarity and overcurrent protective functions

  • Also available with on-board time switch (SL60s version)


  • Appropriate for combined sight/light glass units, or separate flanged ports in non hazardous areas.

    On sight glasses acc. to DIN28120, DN 50 – DN200
    On sight glasses acc. to DIN28121, DN 50 – DN200
    On sight glasses acc. to DIN11851, DN 50 – DN125

  • Flow indicator sightglasses and rectangular or D-ended sight glasses.

  • Suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food processing industries.

  • Appropriate for general and architectural lighting.

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